Our Services

Our Inplacement service has at its core managing the realities of new employees settling down into a new environment. In addition and as part of the focus of our Inplacement service offering, is helping organizations manage the recruitment processes in order to find the best-fit candidates for roles identified within each client.

We provide local and expatriate recruitment services (in our licensed industries of finance, insurance, oil, gas, telecoms, manufacturing and hospitality industries). Our selection process varies based on business, candidates undergo a mix of behavioral, technical, and case-based assessments, depending on the role for which they are being considered.

Skills Acquisition & Development

Our skill acquisition/development is aimed at closing the skills/competencies/experience gaps between organizational expectations and our educational realities. The programme involves recruiting graduates onto a graduate training programme, where they are exposed to various skills and competencies, whilst at the same time gaining valuable work experience through placements with participating companies. Our approach to graduate training, on the one hand, enhances the quality of graduates and on the other, organizations are able to find the ‘right’ kind of employees to join their management track.

Management Learning

Our learning is strictly workplace-based and it is dedicated to enhancing personal and organisational growth through innovative workshops and services. Our programmes must have a direct link with the needs of the business and the objectives and learning outcomes must be clearly defined and measurable. All learning interventions are tailor-developed and delivered to the organisation and its employees. The return on investment is fully articulated with consultants; therefore, learning is not certified by participation but by the provision of a successful learning outcome-based project.

Research & Advisory

Research is fundamentally to increase knowledge base; we take pride in being a ‘continuous learning’ business. Our research focuses on putting the power of choice where it belongs…..in the hands of the consumer! We grant an electronic platform where providers of services and products can test and receive feedback. The surveys are always authentic, verifiable and of high quality. Our surveys go beyond boundaries in that there could be implied reports on feedback, which should have implications for policy and project implementation.


With over 20 years collective experience in workforce outsourcing, our team mitigates the shortage of skill or expertise by maintaining a healthy databank and offer budget flexibility and control when it comes to finding the right people for organizations. In addition to finding the best people, we are also poised to help organizations find the best vendors that will help support their businesses and help them manage those external relationships to ensure business and operational objectives are met.

Expat Local Guide

In present human resources practices, the inclusion of employee mobility to other location, either within a state, country or across continents is imperative to address the skills gap and enrich cross-cultural experiences among other reasons. Relocating employees or visiting a country with the aim of expanding business reach requires experienced professional handlers; Tybitx’s Expat Local Guide service is aimed at easing such transitions; Our focus is making and sustaining great impressions and experiences within Nigeria. Our Expat Local Guide (ELG) service has been designed to assist expatriates ‘feel at home’ by easing the challenges of employee mobility, relocation and settling into a new environment/country. Service commences even before arrival in Nigeria and on arrival until they are fully settled. Service coverage includes Airport Meet & Greet; Security Services; Schools; Hospitals; Dining; Shopping; Accommodation; Domestic Support; Language Support Services; Club Membership Support; Arts & Culture; and Salon.


Our Outplacement service offering focuses on creating an environment within which each person is adequately prepared and eager to do so, without any significant backlash to companies. This service offering is geared towards assisting anyone who has been laid off build back confidence in themselves in order to identify other areas of interest, either in current/other job fields underpaid employment in other organizations, investment opportunities or starts up a business of their own. The programme structure involves several levels of engagement and evaluation (such as counseling, trauma management, ideas generation and development, investment/wealth management, health management, etc) with the individuals concerned in order to adequately prepare them for the uncertainties of living life outside what they had grown used to.