We are Tybitx Services International Limited, a human resource agency that
loves to learn, collaborate and create.


Tybitx is duly registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission, possesses Department Of Petroleum Resources (DPR) permits in the provision of Recruitment services/manpower supply & management and Training/manpower development for the oil and gas industries. In addition, possesses a Recruiter’s Licence from the Ministry of Labour and Employment covering financial & insurance, oil & gas, telecoms, manufacturing, and hospitality sectors in Nigeria.At the core of who we are and our service offerings is the principle of Transition Management, which enables us and our clients to Learn (to think and act outside the box), Inspire (a new culture of supporting people within and outside the workplace) and Drive (to support the growth of sustainable values that breed institutions).

Transition Management also  enables the workforce to deal with the uncertainties that come with significant changes in their realities either with regards to trying to secure a good job or deal with the seeming uneasiness that comes with unemployment.

Our aim is to support our clients to focus on their core business by taking on the search for employees that meet their strategic goals and aspirations. We do not only search, we manage the employees’ affairs effectively and transparently so the employees are completely engaged and productivity is enhanced. In addition, we support organisations that have a mobile workforce by ensuring we take on the burden of helping expatriates on transfers (temporary or permanent) or work assignments settle down very quickly into the lifestyle of their new environment in-country so that they focus on their deliverables at work.


To continually be in uncommon places in People Engagement.


To inspire lifelong learning and engagement without boundaries.

Our Thrust

At Tybitx, we understand that the essence of our identity and service offerings are fundamentally built on 2 simple facts:

  • Innovation: The future of our business and continuous client engagement relies on turning the ordinary into the extraordinary through leveraging the unique talents of our people in creating innovative solutions to existing problems.
  • Quality: With regards to our people, processes, and services, we continuously evaluate matters around quality to ensure that the benefits far outweigh all expectations. Thus, delivering on client expectations at all times.