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Who We Are

Tybitx Services International Limited.

Tybitx Services International Limited (“Tybitx”) provides Human Resource professional services in Transition Management; we are positioned to enable organisations achieve their mission through innovative strategies; we believe that sustainable focus while creating change must have healthy results for an organisation. We offer our clients a combination of competence and experience.

Our fundamental purpose lies in our mantra: People, Processes and Partnerships: Our company is firmly rooted in continuous learning through initiated (for organisations) and self-applied (our team development) programmes. All activities of our company are undertaken in direct complement of the strategic intent of the requesting organisation or individuals. This means our clients only receive the kind of service they require while we push to satisfy plus (+) more.


To enable learning and talent engagement opportunities among skilled professionals, thus, enhancing individual and company effectiveness globally.


To be the Leader in People Engagement.

Our Mindset

We strongly believe in going to the unpopular places, working with our clients to identify the ‘box’ and throwing it out! We understand that we are in business to keep our customers satisfied and not happy. We know the power of a great idea when implemented appropriately.

Our Thrust


We are accountable to HR global standards in all our processes and engagements, making us the desired and reliable partner that cares.


The future of our business and continuous client engagement relies on turning the ordinary into the extraordinary through leveraging the unique talents of our people in creating innovative solutions to existing problems.


With regards to our people, processes and services, we continuously evaluate matters around quality to ensure that the benefits far outweigh all expectations. Thus, delivering on client expectations at all times.

Founder's Message

Pwana Dooshima Duku

The transition of TYBITX started several years ago, first, as a conversation and subsequently, a pursuit fully culminated in 2016 with the singular aim to be an effective connector between businesses and potential resources.

It has been a journey, howbeit, one I will do again and a lot earlier. TYBITX is committed to Human Resource standards while ensuring excellent customer service, a true peoples’ champion and a loyal business partner. We leverage technology to simplify our processes.

Our task is truly done when it is a Win-Win for all. I am truly excited to introduce Tybitx Services International Limited where we push the so-called boundaries and are result-oriented.

Our Culture is everything - Futuristic Uncommon Nimble (We are FUN!).


Our Business Pillars


The ability to study trends and plan ahead.


The ability to protect our information even though we operate in a global space.


The ability to foster mutually beneficial partnerships across inclinations.


The ability to create a unique business route and still remain in the mainstream.


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