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At the core of our service offerings is the concept of

Transition Management

We help organisations through the process of managing significant changes that affect their employees and enable the workforce to deal with their realities either with regards to entry into the workplace or new location. Also, dealing with the seeming uneasiness that comes with exiting the workplace.


Our learning is aimed at closing the skills/competencies/experience gaps between organizational expectations and our educational realities. It is strictly workplace-based and it is dedicated to enhancing personal and organizational growth through innovative workshops and services. Our programmes must have a direct link with the needs of the business and the objectives and learning outcomes must be clearly defined and measurable.
We rely heavily on the Action Learning methodology.



Our recruitment service has at its core sourcing for the right talents to close skill gaps within organisations and manage the realities of new employees settling down into a new environment.
We provide local and expatriate recruitment services in our licensed business sectors. Our selection process varies based on business orientation, candidates undergo a mix of behavioral, technical, and case-based assessments, depending on the role for which they are being considered.
In Tybitx, we help our clients create a strong talent pipeline by identifying, attracting, and recruiting the best talent who are culture and values fit.



With several years of experience in workforce outsourcing, our team mitigates the shortages of skill or expertise by maintaining a healthy databank, offering budget flexibility and managing our talents’ welfare effectively.
In addition, we support organizations find the best service providers that will help support their businesses and help them manage those external relationships to ensure business and operational objectives are met.


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